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13 Great Tools In Blogging

Tools that I am using for this blog?

Yes, I have tools that I am using to work on this blog. I do even have my top 6 that I can recommend for you, especially if you’re new to blogging like me.

I don’t know why, but they are super cool and helpful for me. At first, I didn’t even imagine that I was going to use these tools to enjoy blogging. And as days go by, I am learning new tools that big time bloggers are using (I love calling them like that, you know what I mean *wink).

1. Wix

Wix is the most innovative and fresh website builder among the other website builders out there. They even have features (or plug-in’s) that every website needs, and they create new specific features that users are requesting for.

(Why not start building your blog site here FOR FREE, and I bet that you will love it.)

2. Phone for Photos and GoPro for Videos

Yes! Like all the millennials out there, I so love taking photos from my phone. For selfies, portraits, panorama shots, Facebook and Instagram Live, I am so satisfied that my phone can give these all to me.

Our GoPro Hero 5 is the one that we recently invested, specifically for our travels. You can check out our videos from our Cancun Trip from this link and this, too.

3. Canva and Snapseed for Photo Editing

Canva is my favorite application. From creating blog graphics, to social media posts, this app is so perfect. Photo filters, icons, shapes, layout designs, you have a lot to choose from.

Snapseed is so helpful for me as well for photo-editing. I usually use this for doing some graphics with quotes. But the most interesting feature of this application is its photo enhancers.

I definitely recommend these two applications for your photo polishing.

(Check CANVA here)

(Check SNAPSEED here)

4. Google Analytics

Oh my, techy? No, not really. If I’m able to use this, you can, too for sure.
I just learned that this is needed for your website, for you to see its status. This tracks and reports your website traffic, with the number of page views in hourly, daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. It will also show you the demographics of your viewers, like the age range and gender.

(Get your Google Analytics report here now)

5. Hashtagger

This application is just to help you search for the best hashtags that you can use for your social media photos that you are posting. Me, personally, I like using this app because if you have noticed, I love adding hashtags at the end of my photos (usually on our Instagram account ). Plus, these hashtags are top ranking hashtags that you can use so your target readers can reach you. The hashtags will show you it’s percentage how it’s being used.

(Check the app here)

6. Final Cut Pro

We recently got this application for our video editing. It means that I am still checking out and playing with this application. It looks cool and powerful for videos. It has features of adding cool transitions of video clips, video filters, intro effects, and many more. So, wait for our next videos on YouTube.

(Want to know Final Cut Pro? Click here)

Alright, these are my top 6 tools that I am using for this blog. Here are the other tools:

7. Giphy (for GIF’s)
8. Disqus Application (for Disqus comments moderation)
9. BuzzFeed
10. HuffPost
11. Quik App (a GoPro app, for cool video edits)
12. Followers Insight (tracker for Instagram Followers)
13. Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter (You’re right, for Twitter)

(These are all my apps on my phone, so it means that you can also download them on your Android or Apple smartphones.
How about you? Any application or tool that you can suggest to use for new bloggers like me? Put them in my comment box.

**this post has affiliate links**

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