“13 Reasons Why” Season 2

This worldwide teen suicide controversy, 13 Reasons Why, will be back on Netflix- and it’s even more mysterious.

Yes, you read it right. Netflix announced that this teen series phenomenon will premiere this Friday, May 18th. As they announced it from this trailer featuring most of the characters.

The cast will come back, with Clay and the rest of the students at Liberty High. Leading them to darker events from what happened last season. And on the official trailer, more mysteries will be added in your mind.

“I felt like this whole thing was gonna be over, but it’s not.” – Clay Jensen

Looks like, the whole season will lead us to series of Polaroids. Resulting to some secret revelations that no one will ever expect to know, including the viewers. Hannah’s mom looks like she will get into some sort of self-investigation on her daughter’s death. While some of the students, including Bryce, are going to be sent to court to explain what are needed to be told and heard.

And on their Instagram story, they revealed the episode titles with voices of the characters saying quotable lines that we will hear from this series.

Since this series covers real issues like sexual assault, bullying, suicide, drug abuse, and many more, the cast has a warning video for the audience. Stating to everyone if this show is for them or not as this is MA (mature audience) rated.

If you or you know someone who’s struggling with these real world cases, this show is not for you or you may watch it with a trusted adult. You can also talk to your friend, parents, call a local help line, or visit 13ReasonsWhy.info for assistance.

Are you excited for “13 Reasons Why” second season?

Watch it on Netflix – May 18th, Friday!