Welcome to G & D Blog, a personal blog site! Welcome to our world! Gerome & David, yeap, that’s what GD stands for.

If you’re looking for something new in lifestyle blogging, or travel blogging, or vlogging, or whatever that makes this internet thing wild and crazy, YASS, you’re on the right page! We are absolutely NEWBIES here in the blog-osphere. 😀

We are an INTERGENERATIONAL, INTERRACIAL, GAY-MARRIED, HAPPY-GO-LUCKY COUPLE, who decided to add more stories here in the World Wide Web last January 2017.

We came up with this name for our blog because of our letter cut-out initials that I got in a mall when I was in the Philippines. And whenever we go to some places, we usually bring them and take photos of them and with them, sharing to everyone that G & D went there.


Call me Gerome I’m a 25-year old guy, happily married (to David, you’re right!) and I am the creator of most of the stories that you’re going to read here. LOL! Yes, its about stories of David and I from our life at home, to the places that we are going to explore together. This is also about my life, that I believe you can relate to (I believe that) coz I’m just like ya’ll, okrr?! I’m enjoying this blogging thing so far because it’s fun, I don’t know what else to say though, but yes, it’s really fun even though it’s time consuming but then again, it’s fun!

And this is David, 58 years old, have lived in California for most of his life, and we live together in Central California. Yes, he is my husband and yes, he is old and I am young, that’s why this site is for intergeneration-minded people, and maybe, also for people who are not bashers (or bashers can be welcome, too. It makes the site interesting. LOL!). You will always see most of his face (and some of mine, too) here because I usually do the photo-taking, the video-taking, and writing thing, and all the things that this blog needs to be done to spread our crazy and fun stories. He also gives ideas on how to market this blog for us to be known as bloggers by without begging to people.

This blog is aiming to share our experiences and stories which (hopefully) helpful and entertaining to readers around the world. Helpful in a way of inspiring them that life is short, so spend time in thinking of how to make yourself happy and stress-free. So again, this blog is for everyone, no specific audience.

Enjoy reading and feel free to share your thoughts and stories.

We’d also love to hear your stories and what inspires you.

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And if you have any questions, just CONTACT US!