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BAKLAANG LS with PAPS NATION- Pilot Episode with Wakalas Productions [LIVE STREAM]

In this episode, we’re so proud and glad to announce that G & D Vlog’s Baklaang LS is going to be part of the Wakalas line-up!

And the great way to start the pilot episode, is to have a chitchat with the founder himself of The Wakalas Productions, one of the hosts of Walang Kwentang LS, our special guest… Paps Nation!!!

To start the episode, let’s talk about the trending stories of the week! What’s the chika ba na umingay recently after mag-boom ang super disliked na “Bawal Lumabas” performance ni Kim Chiu sa Wish 107.5 Bus?! Char!

After this, we will have a chitchat sesh with our Special Guest, Paps Nation. We will get to know him more and of course, we will try to get some hot deets about the Wakalas Productions.

Lastly, Darla (David) is going to join our live stream to ask a question for our special guest. I wonder what it would be.

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