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Chichen Itza Experience (G&D’s Chichen Itza Experience)

G&D presents…Chichen Itza

Our 1st wedding anniversary! Wiii! Chichen Itza Tour from Viator
Our Tour Guide…Marcos Antonio with his gang David and Luis from Ekinox Tours.

Marc Anthony (one of his nicknames) gave us a lot of information about the place and the community. From how the pyramids were made by the Mayans, to how they started the sciences of Mathematics, Astronomy, and many more. And Marcos’s ancestors are the Mayans themselves.

First stop… Souvenir Shop. Run by Mayan people living in the area.

We’re also able to know our horoscope and riddles thru our names and birth dates, with the help of the Mayan Calendar.

And the highlight of our tour…the archaeological learning and amazing sight-seeing of the ruins in Yucatán…Chichén Itzá.

Chi – Mouth
Chén – Sink hole
Itz – Wise Man
Ha – Water

The Grand Ball Court which is said to be where the Mayans used to play their game.

Like In Basketball, this is like their ring.

Temple Of The Warriors

You’re also going to see Iguanas around the place which look like the guardians of these ruins.

Just an FYI:

-Got GoPro or Adventure Cameras? You need to pay 45 Pesos for you to use it.

-Bring Sunblock and hat/umbrella, especially when the sun is really out when you visit the place. If you don’t have, the site itself has stores (near the entrance) where you can buy sunblock, and you can also rent an umbrella for 20 pesos.

-EKNX Tour provides a bottle of water for you on the bus before you start the tour. Or you can just bring your own water which you think will be enough for the whole day.

How about you?! Wanna go and check this place now?

Oh! Wait, there’s more!

After this, we went to one of the Cenotes in the place called Ikil .

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