Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages

Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages

Positive and negative; high and low; right and wrong; happiness and sadness; success and downfall; blessings and damages; imagine our world without aspects like these. They help balancing our daily living and every minute of our growth.

Okay, so what’s this all about?

Well, I just want to share how crazy our journey has been since we moved here from the US. And I feel like, we owe you guys a lot of stories to tell how the heck on earth we got to move our butts here to the Philippines for good (and plus, those stories would be a lot of content to share so, I hope we can create them here piece by piece).

July of 2018 is in the timeline when we moved here to the Philippines. From that point, we were able to visit different places (and countries). We also started to jump out of our comfort zone by meeting like-minded people. You know, those networking meetups of bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, and digital nomads.

Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages

There was a point in my life that some of my relationships with people was hitting me so bad- affecting already myself and also my relationship with David.

I needed time to step away from this online platform that we have and spent time to clear my mind, to think of happy thoughts and to breathe positive air. I almost wanted to shut down the G&D site.

Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages

Yeah, it was sad. But, David is a great partner in crime. We worked it out and I stood up again. Then, 2019 came. Another year of life, another challenges to make, another memories to create and cherish.

There’s this one night when David told me,

“I want the old Gerome who used to love creating stuff online and sharing our stories.”

This statement, was a bomb to me. I was just like,

“Damn, Gerome! What did you do to yourself? What happened, girl?!”

That woke me up, and told myself that I am more than this.

So, moving forward, I tried to keep up- creating and sharing our adventures in our platform.

Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages

We’re trying to grow our YouTube channel since 2019 is like, the year of YouTube. Plus, it’s a great platform to monetize your online presence. So, we’re trying to hit that 4000 hours and 1K subscribers threshold so we can start getting ads on our YouTube and earn something from our videos there.

Not a subscriber yet? Please do subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit that notification bell so you’ll be updated on our new uploaded videos. (That’s like the script of most YouTubers which I believe, David and I need to use more often on our YouTube videos)

Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages

Aside from our G&D Blog Community- Facebook Group, we also created this Facebook Group- LGBTQA+ Digital Nomads and Online Creators PH🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈, which is the first Facebook Group created of its like here in the Philippines (if there’s already an existing group like this here in the Philippines, go ahead and message us). Even though, most of the members are online creators- bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, the group is still growing.

Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages

And as I am writing this, I also want to mention that, in more than 2 years of having an online platform, we’ve been experiencing the negative side of it.

From getting negative comments, seeing us as dad and son or uncle and nephew (which was the same old sh^*t that we’ve been getting), I was once called as a bad blogger, I got compared to another gay blogger (worst experience ever), David’s getting bad comments online, and many more.

Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages

Even though we had and still having these damages, I’m so glad that David and I are still together and supporting each other.

Just focusing on what we have right now, what we are working on, and our goals in the future…


Counting the Blessings and Ignoring the Damages


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