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Fun Things To Do In Xplor Park

Do you love zip-lining? How about swimming under the caves? Ah! Have you heard of Cancun Adventures- Xplor Park in Cancun, Mexico?!

Xplor Tour is one of the great tour packages of Experiencias Xcaret and if you’re fan of unusual outdoor activities and seeking unforgettable trips in Cancun and Riviera Maya, you should check them out.

Enjoy crazy and incredible activities in the park:

  • ZIP-LINES – We dare you to try the zip-lines that they got here. They only have 2 circuits with 14 zip-lines in 3.8 km trail! And this is legit! Passing through the bridges and they also have refreshing water landings in natural sinkholes.

  • UNDERGROUND RAFTS – 2 circuits again! Yes! But this time, you’re going to enjoy these 2 circuits of 570 meters and 530 meters while paddling with your hands. Enjoy seeing the stalactites and stalagmites. The rivers that you will enjoy with are just 1 meter-deep, so you don’t need to worry if you’re going to fall, because we didn’t worry.

  • AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLES – Yeah! This is what David loves! They got 2 circuits of 5-km each. Driving around the jungle trails, passing by bridges and mysterious caverns and caves. And be careful while driving, you’re gonna see some lil’ creatures on the road, please don’t hit them.

  • STALACTITE RIVERS – Wanna go swimming? How about in an underground scenery? This is fun. For swimmers and non-swimmers (like me *wink). Swimming with life-vest in a 400-meter long river, get ready to see what lies beneath the ground. Can’t swim that long? No worries, they have emergency exits in every 100-meter distances. Water is just 24℃ (75.2℉).

  • HAMMOCK SPLASH – A one-of-a-kind zip-lining fun that you can enjoy at the park, doing fly sitting in a hammock! Speeds over the water of their Cenotes (Sinkholes) and you’ll have a refreshing landing to it, too.

(Haha…sorry for my eyes closing. LOL!)

Fun right?! So what you’re waiting for…check out their website and BOOK NOW!

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What’s your favorite activity in Xplor Park?

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