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G&D in Disneyland (Things that Gay Couple Can Do in Disneyland)

(G&D – Disneyland Castle)

“Disneyland…happiest place on earth.”

“Hmm…looks like the best theme park for families (with kids).”

“But I’ve heard that gay people come here, too.”

“They even have this day (or month) when all gay people visit there (like a pride event at Disneyland?).”

These are my first thoughts when David asked me last year to go to Disneyland to celebrate our 1st Christmas together and his 58th birthday on December.

I was just like, “Wow, that would be fun!” (just like those normal expressions of people when they hear about plans of going to a beautiful place, like Disneyland).

Well, we’re able to save money by that time so we ran straight to AAA’s travel agency to get tickets from there.

Two 3-day Park Hopper tickets, December 25-28, wooohoo! Exciting!

When the time came, we left home at 1am and was able to get to our hotel in Anaheim at 6am-ish. We got our reservation at Super 8 Hotel and sheez! Our check-in time was 3pm! LOL!

What we did was we decided to go to the park right away just to check things out.

(G&D – Disneyland Entrance)

Anyway, let me tell you the things that we’re able to do and the attractions that we enjoyed starting on Christmas Day:

December 25th, starting at 8am when Disneyland Park opened…
-Pirates of the Carribean
-Haunted Mansion
-The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
-Indiana Jones Adventure

**then we visited Disney California Adventure for a short period of time, and tried:

-Red Car Trolley
-Hollywood Tower Hotel (which is close now since they’re making a new theme)
-Radiator Springs Racers

Then after that, we went back to our hotel to check in. We went back to Disneyland Park at night to have dinner, then we’re able to watch the Fireworks Display in front of “Its a Small World” and “Paint The Night” parade at Main Street.

(G&D – Splash Mountain Ride)

December 26th, starting at 8am again, we headed to Disney California Great Adventure…
-Soarin’ Around The World
-California Screamin’
-Toy Story Midway Mania!
-Goofy’s Sky School
-The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure
-Radiator Spring Racers
-Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train
-it’s Tough to be a Bug!
-Monster’s Inc. Mike & Sully to the Rescue!

Then, we headed back to Disneyland for our brunch, and had it at Plaza Inn, since they’re allowing walk-in’s for their “Breakfast with the Disney Characters”.

And at night, we had our sumptuous dinner reservation at Carthay Circle Restaurant, with a reserved spot for World of Color event. We got the reservation online which includes table reserved for dinner and tickets to watch the event in a not-crowded VIP spot.

(Check Carthay Circle Restaurant information here)

(G&D – Mickey’s Fun Wheel)

  • D ecember 27th (our last day), starting at 7am (for our Extra Magical Hour), we decided to go to Tomorrow Land…

-Star Tours – The Adventures Continue
-Hyperspace Mountain
-Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
-Mad Tea Party
-Disneyland Monorail

**then we watched the Disneyland Band at Main Street in the afternoon.

(G&D with Evil Queen)

And on December 28th, we left Anaheim in the morning and decided to do Beach Hopping along Highway 1. Just stopped by each and every beaches and made lil’ walk and listened to the sound of the sea waves.

Woooh! Tiring! But it’s so fun! We will definitely go back to that “Happiest and Magical Place on Earth”.

Fact! It’s my first time, and I could say that it was a beautiful & magical moment to spend it with my husband. I hope that this will work for you, peek season or just normal day, I believe you will be able to do this (or you can even do more than this) without spending hours in such big lines.

Don’t forget! You can also download stunning digital photos from different spots in the park and attractions thru Photopass. You just need to find these friendly photographers. We suggest to download Disneyland’s app on your smartphone. It’s a great way to find those photographers, the rides & attractions, restaurants, checking events, looking for Disney characters, and all the things you need to enjoy your stay at the park.

(Check Disneyland app here)

Like what I’ve said, this was our first Christmas together and his birthday celebration. As a present, we went to WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney and got this super cool print of Jerrod Maruyama’s “Small World Selfies”, which will remind us about our time we spent together in Disneyland.

We even tried to make our own version of it. See if you can spot the difference. LOL!

(Check WonderGround Gallery here for other amazing Disney-inspired artworks)

And the most important thing here is spending it with your better-half, the best thing that you can do in this “Happiest Place on Earth”.

How about you? What’s your Disneyland story?

❤️ ❤️‍ SHARING IS CARING! xoxo