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How to Have a Perfect Night With Your Husband

Guest Writer | Peter Minkoff

It’s always important to keep the fire burning, which also applies to love. No matter how much you love your partner and vice versa, having perfect romantic dates once in a while is very important. Not only will you feel young once again, but you will deepen your relationship even more. However, you don’t have to wait until you see the first signs of relationship or marriage problems, you can choose to have a perfect night with him immediately. And if you lack ideas, take a look at these tips that will definitely make the fire burn brighter:

Relive your first date

One of the best ways to surprise your partner and feel like you felt that first night when you went on a date with him is to relive it once again. One option would be to choose the exact venue where you had your first date, order the same food and talk about how much you changed in this time and how much he changed you for the better. Another way would be to do the same in some other city. There are numerous romantic destinations that you could head off to, and reliving your first date under the same circumstances in a different city would not only be very productive, but quite interesting and unique as well.

Romantic dinner for two

Even though it sounds like a cliché, a romantic dinner always has magnificent results. There are, however, some rules to this: if you live together, make sure that you prepare for dinner at different places, and come together to your apartment or any other location you choose. Since you want intimacy, it would be excellent if the venue were an empty apartment of a friend, family member or something similar. Make sure to have a unique drink that you will both enjoy, like a bottle of orange wine for example. As far as food is concerned, you can always have dinner brought to you by many very fancy catering companies . Light some candles, play music, turn off the TV and the phone and just enjoy the endless romantic gazes and proclamations of love. It will definitely freshen up your relationship and provide you with unforgettable feelings. And after that… who knows?

Enjoy a spa night together

There are many spa centers that offer romantic retreat packages for two, and if you really want to cleanse your relationship and enjoy a very interesting, satisfying and comfortable night with your loved one – this should be your choice . Choose together what the thing you want to do is – it could either be a massage, a sauna session or just laying around in a Jacuzzi with your partner by your side (which could involve some touchy touchy if you’re alone). Another plus side is that it’s an excellent thing to do for your body, and you will both feel extremely attractive afterwards.

“No matter how much you love your partner and vice versa, having perfect romantic dates once in a while is very important.”

Have a cooking class

If you’re bored of all the other things that you have done together, maybe it’s time you tried something totally different – such as a cooking class . First of all, it’s going to be very educational as you get to learn some new tricks that you could incorporate in the kitchen. Moreover, it’s extremely sexy, as we all love men who cook, and very funny, which is something that your relationship always needs. Try to embarrass yourself in front of your partner, judge the dish of the couple next to you and say how your dish is way better, or simply be a geek and take in all the information that you hear and surprise your partner in the days to come with an excellent edition of the meal you practiced together.

Escape rooms

In case both of you are extremely adventurous and cannot stop looking for something new and exhilarating to try out, this is right for you. One of the biggest hits recently have been escape rooms – a room in which you have to solve various puzzles using teamwork in order to find the key and get out. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s a bonding experience and an activity that involves a lot of teamwork – something that always comes in very handy.

Choose any of the tips above and you’ll have an amazing date night. If you have anything else to add to the pool, feel free, as your ideas can also be excellent. However, if you don’t – you have these five, so knock yourself out!

Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at Gay Republic blog.

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