Today, I remember my first days here in California to be with my husband, David. From my arrival, to meeting his dogs, Vita and Smeagle, and meeting his family & friends.

I arrived last year on the night of January 16th, my husband put a ring on it when we saw each other at the airport. With his board written with the hashtags that were created for us to be together…

  • #LDR
  • #LDRisSoF*&ki#Real (sorry for the term)
  • #LastBabyStep
  • #Yogibear (that’s David)
  • #BooBoo (and that’s me)
  • #stayhappy
  • #stayblessed
  • #lovewins

That’s a lot for hashtags right? LOL.

Oh well, i thought it was so cute. Made me smile and stopped for a second, looking at him. You know those moments when you arrive at the airport, someone’s waiting for you with those boards and other stuff, that was an amazing feeling.

He got a little paper bag on his left hand, with chocolates (Kit-kat!), and 2 small black boxes…our rings. 😍😍😍

David did this “one-knee” proposal…in front of me! Waaaah!
Then I said YES. You know that moment, before you say yes, you’re going to react first like a crazy human being. Woooh!

On my end, it was a first, for a man to do that in front of me, to kneel down and to ask if I would marry him, that’s an amazing and colorful feeling.

Made me realize, “you see Gerome, you’re worth it!”. There are still people in this earth who would appreciate me as who I am. Aside from my family and friends that I left, I didn’t really expect that someone would love me more than I expected, and that person is in the other side of the world, and he’s with me now.

Life is so unpredictable. People change, things around us will also change, but love between you and your better-half, your loved ones, that love will still be there.

Now, my birthday is coming. (Yes, Aries here!)

And this birthday of mine will be memorable for me since I’m going to spend it with him. Plus, it will be a start of our new journey. We will talk about more plans, more happiness, more love, that we will make in the future, for our future.

Another year of blessing, another year to spend in my life, another year to make colorful moments with David, another year of this, another year of that. (*deep sigh)

I can really say, and I always say, that I’m so happy to be with him. From that long distance that we’ve gone through, to us being together now. All those actions we made to be together, they’re so unforgettable.
How about you, what can you say about Long Distance Relationship?


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