Manila Luzon

Manila Luzon with G&D

Campy looks with the sparkle of glamour, cross-eyed expressions and that stunning black and blonde wig. Yes ma’am, I’m talking about Manila Luzon.

Portrayed by Karl Philip Michael Westerberg, Manila is an American reality TV personality and drag queen. She’s the 1st runner-up winner of the hit reality show- Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3. Her name is a combined words of the capital city (Manila) and the largest island (Luzon) of the country, Philippines. Even though her name is from the Philippines (where her mom was born), Manila is born and raised in Minnesota.

She became popular and adored by many fans during and after the competition. From his artistry and elegant styles, Manila’s career is unstoppable. You will witness her great humor, talent, and amazing performances on her tours all around the world. So you should check her out if she’s in the city near you.

Manila Luzon with G&D

Photo by Sickening Eventz

“I consider myself an artist, but instead of paint or clay, my medium is drag. I put so much of myself into my drag from every detail of the costume, make-up and hair to my performance, the way I speak or even stand.”

-Manila Luzon

Manila Luzon
Manila Luzon

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  1. Tabitha Bradley-Raines

    I had never heard of her until reading this post. Guess I need to catch up on pop culture!

  2. Roselle Carlos-Toledo

    She is indeed an artist. I love how she styles herself. Her name Manila reminds me of a volleyball player named Manila Santos. BTW, the author description really caught my attention and I dunno but somehow I felt excited looking forward to your travel posts. Stay happy and gay!

  3. Dana Brillante-Peller

    I love how Manila owns the stage. I can’t get over her wardrobe. Excited to see she’s a runner up!

  4. Tina Hogan Grant

    I’m out of the loop when it comes to pop culture but she looks like an amazing entertainer.

  5. TColeman

    This looks like it is such a fun event and seeing a stage presence like that is inspiring. So awesome!

  6. moipone

    Sounds like someone I would love to meet. Love the take of being an artist . Absolutely fantastic

  7. Lavanda Michelle

    Aw, I’d love to meet Manila! Seems like the type of person to know how to have fun. Im loving the pink dress, thanks for sharing.

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