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My Thought For The Day (My 1st Post)


Remember, no matter how many relationships you have been in, this is the first time that the both of you have been through this together.

“Been there, done that” really is not fair. I’m not saying that you should repeat the same mistakes, I’m just saying because something that was said or done to you in the past is just that. The past.

If it happens in your new relationship remember how you dealt with it.

Did it hurt you?

How did you react to it?

Did it take time to heal?

Did it break you up?

You must keep in mind this is a different person who thinks and acts differently. Did you learn something from it the first time?

Don’t let the past dictate your present. Don’t take it out on the person you are with now.

You are different too. Learn from the past and make today a better day.

Take time to explain how you feel, but don’t let it ruin what you have now.

❤️ ❤️‍ SHARING IS CARING! xoxo