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One Week Video Challenge

Challenge Accepted!

G&D Vlog has been challenged by our friend @Shel B in America to do this One Week Video Challenge, followed by the “pasimuno” of this, Papa @PAUL CHUBZ !

The purpose of this is simply to allow ourselves to love our channels again, especially to those channels which got recently monetized.

All you have to do is to upload videos in 7 straight days. Jusko, one video a week nga, hirap na hirap na ko, 7 straight days pa di ba?! Kalurkey!

So now, we’re challenging our #HouseofGD bebes:

@BetchieWow Vlogz

@Bhevz Channel

@yssay keil

@hannah livingvlog

@Enzo’s Point

@Show it Casper



@Jhem Malonzo

@Jhoice Dio


@D’ Wanderer Baker

And also, to our YouTuber friends who are in the state of **Shinosomad na** , can also take this challenge, feel free to do it, it’s FUN…I guess, char!


1- One Week Video Challenge!


2- Refrigerator Tour


3- New Pairs from | Unboxing


4- How I Shave My Head


5- Hanoi Mode


6- How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Moon- Myungjin Cover


7- A G&D Kinda’ Day in Dumaguete


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