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Naxos: Top Attractions & Activities

1. Beach hopping in Naxos

Naxos is renowned for its stunning beaches, making it a paradise for beach lovers. Whether you prefer secluded coves or lively stretches of sand, Naxos has it all. One of the most popular beaches is Agios Prokopios, known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and soft golden sand. Here, you can soak up the sun, take a refreshing swim, or indulge in various water sports activities such as snorkeling and jet skiing.

Another must-visit beach is Plaka, a long stretch of pristine coastline with azure waters and a relaxed atmosphere. The beach offers a tranquil setting, perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, head to Mikri Vigla Beach. This hidden gem is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet, surrounded by rocky cliffs and stunning natural scenery.

1.1. Agios Prokopios Beach

Agios Prokopios Beach is often ranked among the best beaches in Greece, and for good reason. With its powdery sand and crystal-clear waters, it’s the perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming. The beach is well-equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, and there are also several beach bars and restaurants nearby where you can grab a refreshing drink or enjoy a delicious meal with a view.

1.2. Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach is known for its long stretch of untouched sand and shallow, turquoise waters. It’s an ideal spot for families and those seeking a peaceful beach experience. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, unwind on a sun lounger, or try your hand at various water sports activities available, such as kayaking and windsurfing. Along the beach, you’ll also find a selection of tavernas serving local delicacies and refreshing drinks.

1.3. Mikri Vigla Beach

If you’re looking for a more secluded beach experience, Mikri Vigla Beach is the perfect choice. Surrounded by impressive cliffs and dunes, this hidden gem offers a tranquil escape from the crowds. The beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and soft sand, inviting visitors to relax and soak up the sun. It’s also a popular spot for wind and kite surfing, attracting adventure enthusiasts from around the world.

Exploring the charming Old Town of Naxos

2.1 Strolling through the narrow streets

Naxos’ Old Town is a charming maze of narrow streets and alleys, perfect for getting lost and discovering hidden gems. As you stroll through the winding cobblestone paths, you’ll come across traditional whitewashed houses adorned with vibrant flowers, quaint cafes, and local shops selling handmade crafts. The architecture reflects the island’s rich history, with Venetian and Cycladic influences blending seamlessly. Take your time to admire the unique buildings and soak in the atmospheric ambiance of this historic part of town.

2.2 Visiting the Castle of Naxos

At the heart of the Old Town stands the imposing Castle of Naxos, a medieval fortress built by the Venetians in the 13th century. As you make your way up to the castle, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the town and the Aegean Sea. Inside the castle walls, you can explore the ruins of ancient buildings, including the Tower of Glezos and the Catholic Cathedral. The castle also houses the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, where you can learn more about the island’s fascinating history through a collection of artifacts and exhibits.

2.3 Admiring the Portara

One of the most iconic landmarks in Naxos is the Portara, a massive marble gate that stands at the entrance of the ancient temple of Apollo. Dating back to the 6th century BC, it is one of the few surviving remnants of the temple. Climb up the hill to reach the Portara and be rewarded with panoramic views of the town, the sea, and the surrounding islands. The best time to visit is during sunset when the golden light bathes the ancient ruins, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Beach hopping in Naxos
Exploring the charming Old Town of Naxos
Discovering ancient history at the Temple of Apollo
Experiencing local culture at the Naxos Folk Museum
Adventure and water sports in Naxos
Relaxing and indulging in local cuisine in Naxos

Beach hopping in Naxos

Naxos is known for its stunning beaches, making beach hopping a popular activity among tourists. With over thirty diverse beaches scattered around the island, there is something to suit every preference. Whether you prefer secluded coves, long stretches of golden sand, or vibrant beach bars, Naxos has it all. Some of the must-visit beaches include Agios Prokopios, Plaka, and Agia Anna. These beaches boast crystal-clear waters, mesmerizing views, and a vibrant atmosphere. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and beach towels for a day of relaxation and fun in the sun.

Exploring the charming Old Town of Naxos

Naxos’s Old Town is a must-see attraction for history enthusiasts and architecture lovers. With its charming narrow streets, traditional buildings, and medieval castle, it feels like stepping back in time. Take a leisurely stroll through its cobblestone alleys, discover hidden squares, and visit the imposing Portara, a monumental doorway to the Temple of Apollo. Explore the Venetian Castle, which offers panoramic views of the town and sea. Along the way, you’ll encounter quaint shops, local taverns, and charming cafes where you can enjoy a cup of Greek coffee or indulge in some local delicacies.

Discovering ancient history at the Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo, located just outside Naxos’s Old Town, is a captivating archaeological site that dates back to the 6th century BC. This ancient temple is dedicated to the god Apollo and offers a glimpse into Naxos’s rich history. As you explore the ruins, you’ll be able to admire the imposing marble columns that remain standing. The site also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and the sea. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of this ancient site. Whether you’re a history buff or simply appreciate stunning architecture, a visit to the Temple of Apollo is a must during your stay in Naxos.

Experiencing local culture at the Naxos Folk Museum

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Naxos by visiting the Naxos Folk Museum. Housed in a traditional building in the heart of the Old Town, this museum showcases a vast collection of artifacts, including traditional costumes, musical instruments, and agricultural tools. Delve into the island’s past as you learn about the traditional way of life, customs, and folklore of the locals. The museum provides a fascinating insight into the island’s rural traditions and the daily lives of its inhabitants. It’s a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Naxos’s history and culture.

Adventure and water sports in Naxos

Naxos offers a wide range of exciting outdoor activities for adventure enthusiasts. From windsurfing and kiteboarding to hiking and mountain biking, there’s something for everyone. The island’s favorable wind conditions and long stretches of sandy beaches make it a paradise for water sports lovers. Head to Mikri Vigla or Plaka Beach to catch some waves or take lessons if you’re a beginner. If you prefer exploring on land, the island’s varied terrain offers numerous hiking trails that lead to hidden gems, such as ancient ruins and breathtaking viewpoints. Embark on adrenaline-pumping adventures and create unforgettable memories in the picturesque landscapes of Naxos.

Relaxing and indulging in local cuisine in Naxos

After a day of exploring and adventure, it’s time to unwind and savor the flavors of Naxos’s cuisine. With an abundance of local produce, including cheese, honey, and olives, the island offers a culinary experience like no other. Treat yourself to traditional Greek dishes, such as moussaka, souvlaki, and feta cheese, at the numerous taverns and restaurants spread throughout Naxos. Don’t forget to try the local specialty, kitron liqueur, made from the island’s unique citrus fruit. Indulge in delightful meals while enjoying stunning views of the sea or charming village settings. Naxos offers a blend of relaxation, gastronomy, and cultural experiences that will leave you wanting more.

Experiencing local culture at the Naxos Folk Museum

4.1 History and significance

The Naxos Folk Museum is a must-visit attraction for those interested in immersing themselves in the rich local culture of Naxos. Housed in a historic building in the heart of the island, the museum showcases a diverse collection of artifacts, artworks, and traditional crafts that offer a glimpse into the island’s past. Visitors can explore the museum’s various exhibits that highlight the customs, traditions, and way of life of the local people throughout the centuries.

4.2 Collections and exhibitions

The Naxos Folk Museum features an extensive range of exhibits that provide a comprehensive overview of the island’s cultural heritage. From ancient tools and agricultural implements to intricate handicrafts and traditional costumes, the museum’s collections showcase the skills and craftsmanship of the local artisans. Visitors can also admire the folk artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and pottery that depict Naxos’ vibrant folklore. The museum frequently hosts temporary exhibitions that focus on specific aspects of the island’s culture, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the local traditions and customs.

4.3 Cultural events and workshops

Besides its permanent exhibits, the Naxos Folk Museum organizes various cultural events and workshops that provide visitors with the opportunity to actively engage with the island’s heritage. These events include folk music and dance performances, traditional craft demonstrations, and interactive workshops where visitors can learn to create their own artisanal products. The museum’s calendar is filled with such activities throughout the year, ensuring that visitors can not only observe but also participate in preserving and promoting the traditional culture of Naxos.

4.4 Museum shop and café

At the Naxos Folk Museum, visitors can also browse through a wide selection of authentic local products at the museum shop. From handmade textiles and ceramics to traditional musical instruments and local delicacies, the shop offers a range of souvenirs to take home. Additionally, the museum’s café provides a cozy spot to relax and enjoy traditional Naxian dishes and beverages, offering a complete cultural experience.

Adventure and water sports in Naxos

5.1. Thrilling water sports activities

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, Naxos is the perfect destination for you. With its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, this Greek island offers a wide range of thrilling water sports activities. From jet skiing and parasailing to windsurfing and kiteboarding, there’s something for everyone. Take a jet ski ride along the coastline and feel the rush of the wind in your hair. Try parasailing and get a bird’s-eye view of the island while soaring high above the sea. If you’re up for a challenge, try windsurfing or kiteboarding and let the strong winds and waves test your skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced water sports enthusiast, Naxos has the ideal conditions for an unforgettable adventure.

5.2. Exploring underwater wonders

Discover a whole new world beneath the sparkling surface of the sea by indulging in some underwater exploration in Naxos. The island is known for its excellent diving spots, offering divers the opportunity to witness a rich diversity of marine life and stunning underwater landscapes. Swim alongside colorful fish, encounter fascinating sea creatures, and explore mysterious caves and underwater rock formations. Whether you’re a certified diver or a beginner, there are diving centers on the island that cater to all levels of experience. Dive into the depths of Naxos’ underwater wonders and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Relaxing and Indulging in Local Cuisine in Naxos

6.1. Trying Traditional Greek Dishes

One of the highlights of visiting Naxos is the opportunity to indulge in delicious and authentic Greek cuisine. Whether you’re a foodie or simply a lover of good food, Naxos offers a wide range of traditional dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From mouthwatering souvlaki and gyro to flavorful moussaka and spanakopita, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to try the local specialty, Naxian potatoes, which are grown only on the island and known for their unique flavor.

6.2. Sampling Local Wines and Spirits

No culinary experience in Naxos is complete without trying the local wines and spirits. Naxos is home to a number of vineyards and wineries where you can taste a variety of high-quality wines, including the famous Kitron liqueur made from citron fruit grown on the island. Whether you prefer red, white, or rosé, you’ll find a wine to suit your palate. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to try the traditional Greek spirit, ouzo, which is often enjoyed as an aperitif or with meze (small dishes) before a meal. The unique flavors of Naxos wines and spirits are sure to leave a lasting impression.