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Universal Studios – Hollywood (G&D Weekend Trip)

Hello everyone! G&D is back, sharing our weekend trip that we just had! *clap clap clap

Starting last Friday (August 18), we went to Palace of Fine Arts to see the WAR ON THE CATWALK, where we met the queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9 and watched them perform. We definitely had a blast that night!

After the show, David and I started driving all the way to Los Angeles. Well, it was like 12 midnight when we left the theater. So we decided to stay and rest at Super 8 Hotel , located along the South Valley Freeway in Gilroy, CA. And around 7pm, we decided to start getting ready and continue driving to LA.


Our G&D letter cut-outs, in front of the Universal Studios- Hollywood arc

We went straight to our splendid hotel to check-in, Sheraton Hotel, where we decided to spend our 1-night stay in Hollywood. Well, David and I have gone through some talks before we ended up staying at the Sheraton Hotel.

As newbs in the blogosphere, we learned that for us to get some perks from hotels, its better to plan ahead of your trip and contact like 10-20 hotel companies to see if you can get something from them, in exchange of a blog or social media post.
(Yeap, pitching it is, dolls. Just sharing that tip here for ya’ll!).

We planned this trip like 2 or 3 months ago, contacted 20 hotels just to ask if they can give something for bloggers in exchange of featuring them here on our blog. We were so glad to get an email from them, well, 3 of them replied, but still, as a newb doing this, David and I were like kids receiving candies from them.

Hollywood allows you to go and express youself.

-Hans Zimmer

Here are some of what we saw at the park!


Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Phone (General Information): 800-864-8377

It was a fun, fast, short, superb, unrealistic, crazy, loud, fun (oh did I just say that?) weekend trip that we just had!
We’ve seen a lot of reviews about this theme park. And we actually just don’t rely with those,


David and I were like, “Oh my gosh, look at this, I wanna see this, too!”. Funny reactions while reading reviews so, why not experience it with both of us being there, right?!

If I may ask you dolls, have you ever experienced making a decision by means of relying from a review? Were you satisfied at the end? Or did you feel like, “Aw. I should have listened to what the review said.”?

Let us know on our comment section below, we wanna hear your crazy and interesting stories.

Peace out! ✌

❤️ ❤️‍ SHARING IS CARING! xoxo