What is up, y’all?!

Waaaah! Hello everyone!

What is up?!

Dang! It’s been awhile. Sheez!

By the way, just so you know, while you are still reading at this point, I am not sure how this post is gonna go. Well, I just want to tell you a story of what happened lately to David and I, and what is still going on, blah blah. 

What is up, y’all?!

So basically, just a little life update about us. If you think you’re not going to get bored, then yass, read on! Thank you in advance and I’m sure you’re having a great day moving forward.

Now, how am I gonna start? Hmmm…

It has been awhile since the last time I wrote whatever I got on my mind. I got busy with our lives here in the Philippines. It feels like, everything is fast…it keeps going. Fast crazy ride.

Right now, as I am writing this, David is teaching online. I’m hoping that I’m going to finish this before he finishes the class, ‘coz I still need to take shower. (But I’m sure I’m going to finish this in a later time.)

Photo of David, teaching online

So y’all guys know that we moved outside Manila. We are now living here in a different island called Negros Oriental. We moved from Dumaguete City and after that, we moved here in Bacong.

“Really? What the heck is happening, G&D?”

I know right?! Exactly what we’re asking to ourselves as well.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

We moved here in this island because we fell in love with Dumaguete the first time we spent some days in the city last year. At the same time, we decided that we would stay in the city for good- our homebase as how we claimed it. So, we decided to get a condo unit- a reselling unit.

Well, what happened was, we were promised that it’d be ready last December, which did not happen. Then this month and that month, it never happened again. That time, we were still renting in an apartment in Taguig City in Manila. Yeah, we were working with a realtor, but until now, we’re still waiting for the turn over, we’re still waiting to move in.

Gerome and David in Dumaguete

To cut that short (‘coz lots of discussions and events happened), the past few days, we got to work on some legal papers showing that the unit is going to be transferred to our names. Exciting! Yehey! Finally, something is about to happen, after all these years (it feels that way)!

It has been 2 months already since we moved here to this island from Manila. In that timeframe, we were able to move 3 times in different apartments. Imagine us doing that with all the boxes and luggage that we have with us.

Gerome and David in front of Marina Spatial by Filinvest

“Why did you guys do that?”

Few reasons why we didn’t get to stay in one apartment until we found this one where we are renting right now here in Bacong:

  • Internet: It was fine, but it was not enough for us to use it for our online work, especially for David who needs more bandwidth to get into his online classes. There were days when David needed to drive (with motorcycle) to some co-working spaces just to get access to faster internet. That means more money to spend.
  • People: Yes, we came to a point when we were feeling bad with how people were treating us. Starting from getting this property to living here in this island, we felt like we are being scammed or being taken advantage of. Especially on David’s side, he had this kind of feeling like every single day. It was sad to see him sad.
  • Missing the City Life: We thought that it would be an easy transition to move from city to province. Yes, we admitted that we didn’t do further research. It’s just that we had this good impression of the place and the people, but it turned out like it was not like that. Yes, the place is beautiful and “Instagram-worthy” or whatever, but still, dealing with people is the same as with other places, in every single place.
#DumaGetMe Signage

I even left an online job and went to an office-based job when we were in Dumaguete. But David needed me as we needed to move to another apartment, to our 5th home here in Bacong, so I left that job after working there for few weeks. It turned out like a not-so-good employee-job separation, ‘coz I needed to leave right away and I guess, it was not appreciated or understood. I left having this thought that, the job thought that I was this person who didn’t need a job in life, who was not performing, and it sucks…leaving that job gave me that kind of thought. I mean, why would that person express it that way, in front of the other employees. 

Yah, these experiences sound ridiculous, right?! It’s like, why me, why us?! Come on, Thanos, better snap those biggo fingers now and include me to those 50% of who would disappear!

Oops…I’m sorry. But you’re right, I ended up to that point…depressed. I did, or I’m still.

Gerome and David

Trust me, I’m working on it, for my health, for my family, for David. They all have been very supportive, especially my husband, David. I’m just so thankful and can’t be thankful enough for having him in my life.

Okay. I guess this is enough. This is already 2 pages here in my Google Docs. 🙂

I’ll just take this last part to thank all of you…those who are liking and commenting on our posts, reading these pieces of my life, our lives, those who are watching our YouTube Channel, those who are following along with our Instagram and Facebook Stories, our friends and family…








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